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Some of what I have written in these pages might be interpreted as being negative. Many of our experiences were new to us, and some of them were disconcerting at first, but I would certainly not want to leave the impression that we didn’t have a totally fabulous time in Jamaica!

All of our hosts (and people in general) were so friendly and welcoming. Everywhere we went, someone was bound to ask, “Are you enjoying your stay in Jamaica?” “How do you like Jamaica?” or “What do you think of Jamaica?” Everyone wanted to know how long we had been there, how long we were staying, why we were there, etc. All the Damdars’ friends welcomed us as the new family members we were, though we could tell that Virginia had won their hearts long before our arrival.

The Russells not only provided comfortable and commodious rooms, with every need anticipated and provided for, but treated us like family. Their generosity in sharing their house, feeding us, and giving their time to transport us to various places was just exceptional, and we felt so fortunate to meet these new friends (and so eternally glad that we had not pursued our original intention of staying in a hotel).

The Damdars also gave freely of their time. Isaiah and Evelyn had obviously both taken several weeks of vacation in order to attend the wedding here and then host relatives and friends in Kingston. Evelyn seems to have spent all of her time either in the kitchen or in the car, driving various people from point to point. Isaiah, when he wasn’t cooling his heels on the sidewalk outside the U.S. embassy waiting for Ray (he was not even allowed to go in because he personally didn’t have business there), kept us company, changed money for us, and generally filled in.

Every experience we had, even those that threw us at first, has become a cherished memory, and we look forward to returning to Jamaica to repeat these pleasures and discover new ones. It truly was an adventure in every sense of the word and one we want to remember, which is one of the main reasons I have written this account.