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The Osaka Dome, which opened in 1997, is a multi-purpose stadium that boasts a Major League class facility with 156,400 square meters of total floor space, capacity for 55,000 people and an adjustable ceiling height from 36 to 72 meters. It is the home of the Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes pro (Pacific League) baseball club, established in 1949, which has the dubious distinction of being the only team that has never won the Japan Series!

The Dome is a multi-purpose facility that has not only stages for sports and concerts, but also amusement facilities for eating and playing. There are shopping areas, a gourmet zone, Gryndom mall, sports gallery, and Olympic gallery. It has nine floors above the ground and one basement floor.

One nickname for the stadium is Takoyaki Dome. Takoyaki, octopus balls, are a favorite ballpark food, but the nickname more likely comes from some resemblance to the writhing arms of an octopus. Others have compared it to a giant mushroom. One Web site says, Encircled by an immense silver and purple-striped undulating ring, Kintetsus new home park looks like a failed Disneyland attraction, Lower Intestine Mountain.

One interesting feature of the stadium is the roof. It is not retractable, but it is movable. The Super Ring system allows the roof to be lifted to a maximum height of 72 meters during baseball games and other sporting events; for concerts, it can be lowered to 36 meters to create the best acoustical environment and lighting space.

For some interesting CAD drawings of the exterior and interior of the dome, see this Web site.