Convention Logistics
Food and Restaurants
Gift Bags
The Hamden Tour
Money and Prices
Street Scenes
Things We Liked
Travel and Transport
Yokohama Options

The Itinerary section of this Web site tells what we did each day. The Attractions section describes each temple, shrine, museum, or other attraction we visited. In these Sidebars you can read my collected thoughts on overall aspects of the trip—observations on what we experienced and our reactions to it.

Accommodations describes each hotel we stayed in (with photos).

Advice repeats the advice my brother Glenn gave us before we left.

Amenities reflects on some of the differences between Japan and the United States in what was provided by the hotels.

Convention Logistics describes the agony of moving 45,595 people around a big city between events taking place in two widely separated venues.

Facilities discusses the all-important subject of bathrooms!

Food and Restaurants details what we ate and where we ate it (with photos).

Gift Bags lists and describes the contents of the “goodie bags” provided to each convention participant.

The Hamden Tour describes the origins of Hampden Tours, with information about our tour guides and escorts.

Language recounts our attempts to communicate in Japanese.

Money and Prices is pretty self-explanatory.

Overload discusses the impossibility of truly taking in, much less remembering, everything we experienced.

Religion gives a very brief, oversimplified summary of the Buddhist and Shinto faiths and their places of worship.

Street Scenes highlights some of the amusing or odd things we saw.

Things We Liked describes the innovations we’d like to see exported to the United States.

Travel covers the various modes of transportation we used to get to Japan and around in Japan.